How NOT To: Ruin Your Bra in the Laundry

The first lesson in having boobs that many of us learned back in those tender pre-teen years when we bought our first bra was how to keep it clean. And it was all exciting fun and games until our mothers said those dreaded words: “hand-wash only.”

But to this day, I really don’t know one woman who actually heeds that advice (if you do – serious props girl!). And here in the real world, where 12-hour workdays followed by happy hour followed by Netflix-binging are alive and well, we’d much rather just hurl those bras in the washing machine along with the rest of our clothes.

If you are like the majority of us who prefer a handy-machine to hand-washing, there are acceptable ways to do it so you don’t ruin anything … just follow these steps and watch how it’s done:

Hook the back of your bras together

This step is often skipped or whole-heartedly ignored out of sheer laziness but you’ll thank us later when nothing is snagged or tangled after.


“Like goes with like”

Contrary to your dating life and that whole ‘opposites attract’ thing, when it comes to washing bras you should pair similar things together. Put them in a lingerie bag and avoid washing with heavy items like jeans or bath towels.

Don’t have a wash bag? Don’t fret: We’ve got you covered. Halleboobjah!

Select a cycle

You’ll want to go with the “gentle” or “delicate” cycle on your washing machine. A lighter rinse in cold water is always best for items like bras and underwear.

Gentle or delicate is the closest thing to hand-washing, and cold won’t break down the elastic over time like warm water will.

Aaaand dry!

Our suggestion is that you air-dry your bras, which takes a little more patience but is kinder to the elastic.

If you do need to toss them in the dryer, we recommend the lowest heat setting. Otherwise, reshape your cups and lay the bras out flat to dry. Hanging a bra by a strap can cause it to stretch. If you don’t have a clean, flat surface handy and you must hang-dry, use the center band to drape your bra over something like your shower curtain rod.

Follow these simple steps and your bras will last longer, fit better and make your boobs happier.