Recycle, Bra.

2019: Out with the old… but then what?

As the trend of tidying up continues, we had to ask, where is everyone sending the bras that don’t spark joy? We all have them- the bra that never fit right, the one with the underwire that now stabs you in the ribs, and (our favorite) the bright orange one you’re not sure when or why you bought in the first place.Why we keep them? No one knows. What we do know is, we want to make it easier for you to sustainably dispose of your old bras. Heavily-used bras are not accepted by most charities and we don’t think that anyone wants to see their bra end up in a landfill.

To fix this, we’ve teamed up with For Days to launch a new recycling initiative to help save worn out bras from the garbage can. 

 Now, whenever you order a bra from us, your box will come with a prepaid return shipping label. Place your old bras back in the box, slap on the shipping label, and voila! We take care of the rest.

If your post-purge bra drawer is feeling empty,  we can help with that. Having more bras (that you actually wear) in your rotation is good for their health. When you give your bra a day off, the cups have time to relax into their original shape and ultimately last longer. And TBH Marie Kondo was right, saying “thank you” and goodbye to things that are sad &  tattered is good for your health.

Show us how you Recycle, Bra.
Share your wilde recycling experience on social media and use our hashtag #RecycleBra to let everyone know how easy it is to responsibly dispose of used bras.