Good news: We have some black bras in stock!

Other news: We’re quickly selling out of everything else.


Unlike a college waitlist, we believe you are a PERFECT fit and based on your outstanding achievements and promise, we think you deserve the best possible support.  Our goal is to provide 100% of our customers with high-quality, affordable, everyday bras, in a timely fashion.

Also unlike a college waitlist, we want to keep you happy while you wait. That’s why we are giving away 100 bra wash bags EACH WEEK to lucky waitlisted customers, until we restock (later this fall). More on that in a minute…

How could we be sold out?!

Harper Wilde is just over a year old (14 months, for all you mommies) and we had no idea that our bras would be this popular! As much as we wish we could expedite the process, we want to make sure we maintain quality standards, as well as support the women who are making our bras.  After all, we partnered with our factory because they are committed to empowering the women in their workforce. Good things take time.

Back to free stuff…

Why wash bags?

So glad you asked! Waiting is the worst and if you need a bra, chances are the ones you’ve been wearing have seen some better days… so, we want to make sure you are able to properly wash the ones that you currently own while you wait. 

Entering is easy:

  1. Go to our site, choose a style, color, and check your size availability.
  2. If your size is out of stock, click “Hold my place in line!” 
  3. You’re entered.

That’s it! We will contact all 100 winners each week!

If your size is available, and you need a bra, we suggest purchasing it, before it’s out of stock!

Shout out to all the ladies who are already on the waitlist (you’re automatically entered)! Whether you’re waiting to buy your first or tenth Harper Wilde bra, THANK YOU for sticking with us, it’ll be worth it!